Consumer Reviews

"I started my vehicle search at another Ford dealership and left that dealership feeling very uncomfortable and confused. I felt that they were not being honest with me and that I was being deceived. I told a friend and they referred me to Ford of Branford and Jeff Campbell. From that point on my Ford lease became a delightful experience. Jeff presented me all of the numbers in a clear and concise way so I was able understand the deal. After we signed the deal Jeff went ahead and located a vehicle in the next state that matched what I was looking for perfectly.  

When it was time to finalize the paperwork I was introduced to Chris Prevosk the finance manager. He is a great guy and the technology he used to present and explain the paperwork to me was amazing. I am a technology person and the technology he was using was like none I had ever seen. The process and tech that is used at Ford of Branford should be the gold standard across all of Ford's dealerships.

Lastly I was introduced to a lovely young lady named Calixmarie Guzman who delivered the vehicle to me. She made sure that all of my paperwork was in order and then proceeded to go through the vehicle with me. She had exceptional product knowledge and explained all of the high tech features in the vehicle in terms I could understand. We bumped into one problem when it came to syncing my iPhone to the vehicle. Calix, who is an Android, user was unfamiliar with an obscure setting in the iPhone iOS that needed to be enabled. What impressed me was she quickly recognized that she needed assistance and enlisted the help of Tanner Litowski, an iPhone user, who immediately came to our aid and proceeded to change what needed to be changed and my iPhone synced perfectly. 

In closing I would like to say that what impressed me the most about Ford of Branford was the way they functioned as a team. From start to finish the teamwork made the usual painful process of purchasing a vehicle into a delightful and seamless process. I cannot thank the team at Ford of Branford enough and I look forward to a long lasting relationship with them."

~ Mike Paris

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